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Research and Selection

We will research the market and do an in depth analysis of your realistic needs and explore the 90/10 rule in depth. In other words, what are your mission requirements 90% of the time? How much is the other 10% worth to you? We thoroughly analyze the how and why you will use your aircraft, or what goals you plan to accomplish by trading up/down and getting into or out of the market. We know the “white elephants” and the the desirable aircraft that maintain liquidity. We will give you a realistic market value of your aircraft and will work hard to sell it. The same rules apply to acquisitions. We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible with realistic expectations.

A “Yes Man” Broker (Bold header) does nothing but waste everybody’s valuable time. Overpriced listings and unrealistic acquisition prices are rampant in the industry. The key is obtaining an exceptional aircraft at a fair price when buying. Sellers can be more emotional about the value of their aircraft so it is in everybody's best interests to sell at validated, supported, realistic price points while doing it in a businesslike manner. The better maintained and cared for your aircraft is, the better the outcome. It doesn’t matter if a Fortune 500 Company owned it, a movie star, or John Q. Citizen. Aircraft stand on their own merits and standard of care.

Paperwork. (Bold header) It has to be complete, concise and to the point. Oppressive contracts and unrealistic minutiae are not necessary. We work with principals and their legal teams to simplify, expedite and get the job done. There are no awards for how many pounds a purchase agreement weighs. Meaningful details are what we strive for. How they are executed are the keys to a successful transaction.

Operations (Bold) Putting your aircraft to work. We are fortunate to be at Jackson Jet Center where we can guide you through heavy maintenance, avionics upgrades, or who to use for your in flight catering. In other words, give us a challenge. We will meet and exceed your expectations. Read the "about us” tab to get a peek into our experience and clientele.